OLK51NSM Test Set Laser OM120NI/OS430N
The OLK51NSM Test kit is designed to test single-mode fiber optic cable. The OLK51NSM combines the OM120NI optical power meter and the OS430N laser sender and is ideally suited for testing long haul and outside plant fiber optic networks with single mode cables. The OM120NI power meter includes such features as a enlarged screen for optimal viewing, extended battery life (100+ hours), tone detection (270Hz, 330Hz, 1KHz & 2KHz), dBm\dB\Watts read out and an auto off feature (optional 10 or 30 min). The unit utilizes an InGaAs detector and its calibrated wavelengths include 850/1300/1310/1490/1550 & 1625nm. All wavelengths have a Set Reference feature which stores selected wavelengths absolute value to memory. The OS430N is a 1310nm /1550nm Laser light source, which comes equipped with interchangeable ST, FC and SC connector adapters).
OLK51NSM Features:
lCompact light weight carrying case
l850/1300/1310/1490/1550 & 1625nm
ldBm/W (absolute) + dB (relative) measurement
lExtended Graphical display for optimal viewing
lZero reference with dBm value displayed
ldBm and Watts displayed simultaneously
lSet Reference Feature for all calibrated wavelengths
l0.1dB /0.01dB Resolution (Selectable)
lDisplay back light
lAuto power off (10 or 30 min option)
OLK51NSM Package Contents:
1OM120NI Meter
1OS430N Laser Sender
1AD100 (2.5mm Universal Adapter)
1Alco wipes
1CALM Calibration Meter
1Product Manual
OLK51NSM Options:
lFMD200 Microscope
ApplicationsSingle Mode, Multimode
Calibrated Wavelengths850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm & 1625nm
Dynamic Range~+6dBm to -60dBm
Detector Type1mm InGaAs
Accuracy (@25C, -20.0dBm)0.25 dB
Measurement UnitsdBm (absolute)\Watts\dB (relative)
Resolution0.1 or 0.01 dB
Controls5 Soft Buttons
ButtonsOn/Off, Backlight, λ , dB-dBm, Zero Reference
Power1 x 9V Batteries or AC Power Converter
Low Battery IndicatorYes
DisplayGraphical LCD with Backlight
Adaptor OptionsST, SC, FC, 2.5mm Universal & LC (other adapters also available)
Protective Rubber BootYes
Testing Reference GuideYes
Enclosure SizeCompact Handheld (L-4.94"/W-2.75"/H- 1.2")
Operation Temperature-10C to +50C (45% Hum, non condensing)
Storage Temperature-20C to +60C (75% Hum, non condensing)
QualifiedCE, RoHS and WEEE
ApplicationsSingle mode, outside plant and long haul applications
Wavelengths (λ)1310nm & 1550nm
Wavelength Peak1310nm 10nm
 1550nm 10nm
Output TypeLaser
Output Power >-5.0dBm @1310 & 1550
Into single mode fiber (Side adjustable trim pots for output power level adjustment)
Stability per hour (after 5 min warm up)Less than 0.1 dB
Connector StyleST/SC/FC (Interchangeable)
Modulated Frequencies 2Khz
Battery 1 x 9V
Emitter TypeClass 1 Laser Product
Protective Rubber BootYes
Enclosure SizeCompact Handheld (L-4.94"/W-2.75"/H- 1.2")
Operation Temperature-10C to +50C (45% Hum, non condensing)
Storage Temperature -20C to +60C (75% Hum, non condensing)
QualifiedCE, RoHS and WEEE