Operation Instructions

1)         Attaching Interface Cables:

The attenuator is attached between two mating cables, replacing the usual splice bushing. Refer to the instructions below appropriate to the attenuator you are using.

Attach the input and the output cables directly to the female receptacles on the attenuator as you would normally with a splice bushing.

2)         Setting the Attenuator Loss:

The ATT-130 can be set to any loss value within the operating range desired using a fiber optic source and power meter, such as found in the Advanced Fiber Solutions test kits. You can set the loss either by measuring the actual loss, preferred for testing system margin in the lab, or by setting the receiver power level, when using them in an operating network. 

3)         Calibrating Actual Loss           

If you wish to calibrate the actual loss of the attenuator, you need to measure the optical power going into the attenuator and the optical power coming out, similar to testing the loss of a jumper cable.


1. Attach input cable of fiber optic source.
2. Connect meter to input cable, measure power level in dB.
3. Attach attenuator with output cable to input cable.
4. Attach meter to end of output cable, measure power in dB after attenuation.
5. Calculate loss in dB by subtracting the two values.
4) Setting Receiver Power
1. Attach attenuator to receiver end of the network cable just before the receiver.
2. Connect the power meter to network cable and measure power with network source on.
3. Adjust attenuator to proper receiver power level and lock with screw.