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OM120 Meter ST/SC/FC
The meter is a general-purpose power meter suitable for a both premise and outside plant applications. The meter is suitable for both single-mode and multimode applications, depending on the source which is used.The meter measures optical power, loss (attenuation) and optical return loss. The meter is calibrated at industry standard wavelengths (NIST traceable). The zero reference function is ideal for testing fiber optic cables in dB, the reference value is saved in the power meter. A universal 2,5 mm universal adapter with a threaded housing is included, other adapters are also available as an accessory. Due to the backlight the data is always visible. The meter is delivered in a protective rubber boot.
OM120 Features:
l For Multimode and single-mode
l 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm & 1550nm
l Measures optical power, loss (attenuation) and optical return loss
l Absolute (dBm) / Watts & Relative (dB) Reading
l 0.01dB or 0.1dB (user selectable)
l Zero reference function
l Meter calibration certificate included
l Graphical display with testing guide
l Back light
l Auto power off function
l Protective rubber boot
l Compact light weight carrying case
OM120 Package Contents:
1 OM120 POF Meter ST/SC/FC
1 Product Spec Sheet
1 Carrying Pouch
1 Calibration Certificate
1 AD100 (universal 2.5mm adapter)
OM120 Options:
l See options list
Applications Multimode, Single Mode, Outside Plant and Premise
Calibrated (λ)Wavelength 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, & 1550nm
Detector Type 1mm Germanium in Modular Housing
Dynamic Range +3 dBm to -55 dBm
Connectors ST, SC, FC, 2.5mm Universal, LC and 1.25mm Universal
Adaptor Options See options list
Measurement Units dBm (absolute) - dB (relative)
Resolution 0.1 dB
Controls 5 Soft Buttons
Buttons On/Off, Backlight, λ, dB-dBm, Zero Reference
Power  2x AA Batteries or AC Power Converter
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Display Graphical LCD with Backlight
Auto-Shutdown Yes
Protective rubber boot Yes
Testing reference guide Yes
Enclosure Size Compact Handheld; L 12,55 cm x W 6,99 cm x H 3,05 cm
Weight 230 Grams
Operation Temperature -10C to +50C (45% Hum, non condensing)
Operation Humidity 45%, non condensing
Storage Temperature -20C to +60C (75% Hum, non condensing)
Qualified CE, RoHS and WEEE
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