Certification Test Set demo manual

1. Introduction:

This document contains information about the demo software of certification meters and certification test sets for fiber. The test file has multiple multimode connections.
2. Using the demo software:
- After downloading the software from the Internet site, this can be extracted.
- Open the file Setup to install the demo software.

NOTE: The Microsoft. NET Framework must be installed in your computer otherwise you will get a message from Microsoft. NET Framework. Click on Don’t Accept and then click OK to exit. Go to the directory dotnetfx and open dofnetfx.exe. Click Next, check I accept by clicking the checkbox of the terms of the License Agreement and click Install. Click Finish after the installation. Open the Setup file again to install the demo software.

- When there is a question about the verification, click Yes.
- The software will automatically starts-up
3. Open file
- Go to File and open the file test.afs.
- Different measurement results of different fibers can be viewed.
4. Operating the program
- There is a separate screen for each measurement result. On the screen you will see the following:
      - User Information
         This contains the information about the company.
      - User Fiber Parameters
         This is the parameter of the tested fiber and the connectors.
      - Meter Readings
         This is the report/reading(s) of the meter.
      - Reading Navigation
         Shows Multiple/Different reading results which can be viewed
         and selected.
      - Meter Fiber Parameters
         Here are the detailes of the fiber length, number of
         connectors and splices.
      - Fiber Analyses Results
       These are the results for the analysis:
                - The pass/fail calculation is made by the selecting
                  the    fiber type - in the user fiber parameters box -
                  once they select the fiber type they must then “apply
                  fiber parameters” to the result - this will perform the
                  result analysis – beside the fiber type hit the set button
                  and this will give you a drop down menu to select from.
               -  The analysis is only available when the result is in dB -
                  if it is in dBm there is no results analysis just the
                  pass/fail drop down so the end user can determine
                  whether the result is a pass/fail according to their own